“Digital platforms, like the Mobi site, enable us to expand our market quite substantially … cellphones are almost ubiquitous in South Africa, across all LSM groups, and so Son capitalised on this opportunity,” said Koopman.

Explains Mike van Eck, Ads24’s digital business manager (and the national sales team behind Son), “Our loyal readers who don’t necessarily have access to a daily printed edition of Son, can keep up to date with news and stay entertained through the Son mobi-site. The aim of the site is to build a digital audience to compliment the already large print market.”

He notes that the ‘mobi club’ on the site allows the user to download ringtones, wallpapers and, selected stories from the newspaper.

For advertisers, particularly those wanting to target the Eastern and Western Cape market Afrikaans market, Son Mobi proves to be an effective platform, asserted Van Eck.

Both English and Afrikaans material is accepted on the mobi site