After a hugely successful international run, Michael Jackson fans worldwide called for the musical biography Michael Jackson HIStory to return, and true to Jackson’s own ethos, HIStory II has reinvented itself with a brand new production with the addition of new songs, dances and ground-breaking theatrical moments.

This musical biography will take fans right back to the Jackson 5 era before continuing on a thrilling journey to the current decade. Hit after hit tells the story of one of the greatest pop icons the world has ever known. In all, HIStory II features over twenty songs performed live by famed impersonator Kenny Wizz.

Today, Kenny Wizz is known to be one of the best Michael Jackson Impersonators in the world, but the seasoned performer isn’t simply riding the surging wave of Jackson’s popularity. HIStory II is the result of more than two decades perfecting “the art of sharing MJ”.

Wizz was just twenty when Michael Jackson’s career exploded with the release of the pivotal album Thriller. During that time, Wizz’s strong resemblance to Jackson heralded the start of a long career as a conduit for Jackson music. His regular performances in Atlantic City gratified audiences and allowed him to perfect his act. After tours in Europe and Asia, Wizz settled in Las Vegas where his show was signed for eleven years at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.

Wizz was shattered by Jackson’s death in June 2009. He closed his act down despite calls from fans to continue.

“My decision [to return] was more about giving back to fans rather than making money,” he said.

Wizz feels Jackson’s death has made concert-goers more critical of his performances. “It’s more difficult because my act is observed through a microscope now he’s gone. People want the closest thing possible.”

Wizz believes it’s almost time to hang up his glitter gloves but for now the legend continues, with Jackson’s extraordinary musical legacy set to live under a dazzling spotlight.

Repeatedly described as a musical juggernaut, Jackson’s influence on popular culture and music is unparalleled. Beside his inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Hollywood Walk of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame, Jackson held thirteen Grammy awards and twenty-six American Music Awards including “Artist of the Century”.

His roll of accolades, however, is almost too massive to mention, and for most the focus weighs more heavily on the music Jackson has shared since the 1960s. Songs such as ABC, Ben, Smooth Criminal, Beat It and many more will be performed on the upcoming HIStory II tour, providing a flawless live experience that might otherwise be unattainable.

A year after the King of Pop’s death his popularity has reached epic proportions. Fans continue to grapple with their loss in a multitude of ways, such as contributing to the 8.2 million Jackson albums sold just in 2009. Along with the cinema release of This Is It, DVD’s, merchandise and games, Billboard estimated that Jackson generated over $1-billion in revenue since his death.

The rampant popularity of recreation concerts is driven by their ability to transport a person to a time and place they once loved.

It’s a founding principle of the success of Showtime Presents, the producer behind the immensely popular concert series Queen – It’s a Kinda Magic, that will bring the HIStory II tour to Durban.

Together with a live band of talented musicians, fully choreographed dancers, authentic costumes and the quality production values that can only be done justice in a theatre, HIStory II is the recreation of what fans want but can never again see – a Michael Jackson concert.

Performances are on Thursdays to Saturdays at 20:00 and Sundays at 15:00 from Thursday, 6 December to Sunday, 6 January at the iZulu Theatre, Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom and one night only at the Tropical Nites Theatre at the Wild Coast Sun on Wednesday, 26 December at 20:00.

Bookings for the show can be done through Computicket on