Nando’s, a regular advertiser on the channel, recently utilised the MASSIV platform as part of their Diversity Campaign, noting increased sales during the campaign. The inclusion of Rank TV into the offering has allowed Nando’s to effectively utilise the complimentary mediums to reach a larger audience and talk to commuters closer to the point of purchase. The move to employ the new alliance as an advertising solution was a logical step for the brand, post their past sales success.

“Nandos will be utilising the alliance and will also be the first advertiser to employ 20 locations for smart ads / location based advertising. These will be targeted to Nando’s outlets or relevant destination points. We believe with their creativity, that we can expect something really exciting” notes Greg Bruwer of MASSIV 3GTV. “It’s an exciting benchmark for other advertisers”.

On a consumer level both MASSIV and Rank are strongly content focussed, enhancing the daily lives of commuters through current news and entertainment. Commuters have access to TV over an extended period of time from rank through to destination, an attractive offering and obvious choice for any advertiser wanting to talk to this vast market.

MASSIV 3GTV has in the past six months taken great strides ahead of its competition, increasing its vehicles, adding specialised regional content and through the latest strategic alliance with Rank TV. MASSIV 3GTV is the only true commuter television channel in every sense of the word and a leading innovator of mobile television in South Africa.

While others follow, MASSIV 3GTV is breaking seemingly impossible technology and content boundaries by being the first in South Africa to effectively utilise 3G technology, provide daily updated regional content, offer location-based smart ads, as well as providing the advertiser with detailed flighting statistics. MASSIV 3GTV continues to grow its fleet on a national level.

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