Cop Gang
For years there’ve been rumours of a gang of cops that terrorises and robs Gauteng motorists. In May, after Johannesburg resident Ryan Pickford was abducted by men in police uniform at a roadblock, an investigation was launched, but six months down the line, he’s still waiting for answers.

Schools 2013
With many children still without a place for schooling in 2013, the Department of Education is moving to force schools to accept more pupils, despite being full to capacity. With governing bodies struggling to maintain control of the day-to-day running of their schools, the Department continues to under-spend a budget that could see more schools and classrooms being built to ease the pressure.

Passionate Patient
David Patient was diagnosed with HIV in 1983 and given six months to live. Thirty years later he’s still living with Aids and helping others to do so too.

Devey and the Meerkats
Since their cameo roles in The Lion King and Madagascar, the international trade in meerkats has increased. But although cute and intelligent, they don’t make good pets and end up being put down.

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