Operated in a joint venture with the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association, the title is South Africa’s largest hunting magazine. Established more than 10 years ago, it was elected as one of 16 national “Top Print Performers” for 2008, while in 2011 it won the Salie de Swart Award for the best performing small business unit in Media24.

“Andre van Dyk has been the driving force behind the title’s astounding success,” says Chris Burgess, editor-in-chief of Media24’s agricultural titles. “His commitment and deep understanding of the hunting industry has been instrumental in turning what started as an association newsletter into a profitable title, enjoyed monthly by more than 70 000 readers. In just the last ABC period the magazine boasted a circulation growth of 14%. Andre leaves a big pair of shoes to fill.”

The position will be advertised in due course to start the process of finding a new editor for the magazine.