The ancient Latin adage carpe diem – seize the day – may take on striking new meaning as Friday, December 21, – the apocalyptic date thought to be predicted by the Maya – rapidly approaches. But, the massive flooding that some believe the Maya prophesied as the end of the world is only one in a long list of threats to mankind.

Premiering on Friday, 14 December at 22:00 National Geographic Channel’s End of the World Week programming special examines the fate of the world and threats that could spell the end for humanity – and the planet – from cosmic catastrophes to supervolcanic eruptions and physics experiments going fatally wrong. Examine apocalyptic omens, venture to an underwater graveyard for secrets behind the Maya predictions, go on a mission to evacuate Earth … and count down the top ten most chilling cataclysms that could usher in the end of humanity as we know it.

In Evacuate Earth, find out what could happen if a neutron star presented planet Earth with an inescapable date with destruction. Humanity must mount a desperate effort to escape the only home we’ve ever known. Count down the ten ways to end the world, from black holes hurdling through space and hostile extra-terrestrials to machines whose super intelligence could overrun the globe and cutting-edge physics experiments with the potential for bone-chilling side effects. Venture to the Maya underworld to unearth new revelations about the most infamous date in the Maya calendar and find out if there are omens of the apocalypse out there – or if they’re just all in our minds.