The last scout sent, Sharpe’s best friend Sergeant Harper has gone missing and reports suggest that the real power behind the risings is Colonel Dodd, a malcontent East India Company Officer, and that the Maharaja has gathered into his impregnable fort a contingent of refugees from Napoleon’s army.

Once in India, Sharpe discovers the situation is far graver than he was led to believe and things only get worse when the daughter of a British General is kidnapped and held in the Maharaja’s fort by his villainous henchman Colonel Dodd. Sharpe, now reunited with Harper, devises a plan to rescue the General’s daughter as they disguise themselves as deserters and become part of the Maharaja’s motley crew. However, once inside the fort things don’t quite go as Sharpe has planned.

Sharpe’s Challenge will be broadcast on Saturday, 22 December at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge, channel 184 on DStv.