KasiMp3 has also managed to attract over 50 000 music artists from across the world to publish their songs on the platform and it remains committed to providing a platform focused on uplifting music artists. The bulk of the music artists currently hosting and promoting their music through the platform currently come from Africa, with South Africa and Nigeria having the most number of artists on the platform.

Apart from helping up and coming music artists promote their work, KasiMP3 has paid out numerous music artists royalties for the music they host on the platform despite the music being available for free to download by their fans.

Also KasiMp3, being a platform that aims to uplift music artists, has a zero tolerance approach towards music piracy (copyright infringement). To date the South African platform has not received a single copyright infringement complaint in 2013 and has implemented strict processes that prohibit the uploading of songs whose copyright is owned by a person or entity other than the person uploading them.

“It has been an incredible 3 months of growth for us. We appreciate and are thankful that so many music artists around the world trust us as a platform for promoting their music. This is not only evident in the number of artists registered on KasiMp3 but the numerous messages we receive on e-mail and social media daily,” said Tefo Mohapi, head: Business Development and Public Relations at KasiMP3.

“As a platform we remain committed to uplifting music artists and will continue to introduce new features to helping them with this. We also have implemented several features on our back-end to ensure that we clamp down on illegal uploads onto KasiMp3,” added Mohapi.

Mokgethwa Mapaya, founder of KasiMp3, said, “We encourage copyright owners to send us their DMCA takedown requests, as it is within their rights to do so as provided by the law. We will treat every case as an urgent matter."

About KasiMP3

KasiMP3 is a South African music startup that aims to help music artists earn royalties by making their music available for free download.

Music artists can register on KasiMP3 for free and upload their MP3 file (provided they have full copyright to the music on the file). They then have the ability to share their MP3 download link (email, Facebook, Twitter) and earn royalties for each free MP3 download of their song/s.

From April to June, the South African music platform almost doubled its unique visitors from 279 000 in April to just over 500 000 in June. For more information, visit www.kasimp3.co.za.