Hart, discussing spending the festive season with her parents says, “I love Christmas. I’m very excited. They do their best but I’ve not been blessed by being given good presents. Their worst one was when I asked for a ghetto blaster when I was 16 and I told everyone I was getting one. And they gave me a Dictaphone.”

Talking about Call the Midwife, Hart says, “A lot of people only know me as Chummy and have said to me, ‘Chummy is quite a funny character, have you thought about doing comedy?’ I always answer politely but want to say, ‘Would you buy the box set of my sitcom.’”

On her upcoming tour she says, “This will be the big return to stand up in massive arenas. I have been doing warm ups in front of 1500 people. The O2 is 10 000. It’s crazy, you can’t prepare for that scale. I’m totally in denial but thought I would regret it massively if I didn’t do it. It will be quite an experience. I hope I enjoy it, I’m excited.”

Asked if she would ever do Strictly, Hart says, “I love the idea of learning to dance and I’d love to get fit but I don’t want to do it on telly.”

Walters, on how she ended up in Harry Hill The Movie, says, “I was asked to do it and the script really made me laugh.” Asked if it’s true that she considers who she is working with rather than what it is, she jokingly says, “No, I focus on the money.”

Walters on being being mistaken for other famous people says, “Only a couple of years back I was taken for Julie Andrews.” Talking about a more recent encounter she says, “The other day I was looking at underwear in M&S and there were two women doing the same and there was a bit of whispering and one said to the other, ‘Isn’t that Julie Walters?’ there was a big pause and the other one said, ‘Oh no, not dressed like that.’ Honestly, what can you say?”

Tempah, talking about Christmas says, “I’ll be at my new house and my family will be at mine for the first time. It’s a very big deal. I feel like such a grown up.”

Talking more about his new abode, he says, “I got a priest in to bless the house. It’s an old house and I always do that.”

Sharing his arena performing experience Tempah says, “We were trying to break America so everything was scaled back. Weeks before I had been performing for between 10 and 15 thousand people and there I was standing on a bar in the middle of the day performing to three or four people. After one gig I tried to get into the after show and I wasn’t allowed in. To make it worse they were playing one of my songs in the background. It was horrible.”

And on an embarrassing moment with a girl he says, “It happened one time by accident because of shuffle, why did they have to invent it. We were in the act and one of my songs came on. It was just super awkward but she seemed to like it.”

Talking about fame and being recognised, Tempah says, “Without my glasses people don’t know who I am and with them on, they think I am the guy from the Halifax ad.”

Goodman joins Norton for a chat about the Strictly final. Discussing who might win he says, “Through the papers I’ve heard Susanna Reid is the favourite.”

On the all female final he says, “It’s never happened before. It’s one of those things. You normally have some men because I used to think it was mainly women that voted but perhaps the men weren’t bulked up enough this time. I think it’s exciting because it more of a level playing field.”

Talking about some of the less talented dancers over the years he says, “What I find weird about Strictly is that you tend to remember John Sergeant, Ann Widdecombe and Russell Grant and not who won. You remember the bizarre ones.”

Asked if he dances at parties he says, “Never. If I get up and think I’ll just dance around everyone says, ‘Cor, he’s not very good,’ and if I do it properly, they say, ‘Look at him showing off,’ so I just have to sit there.”

Hart impresses Tempah with her rapping skills and gets a dancing lesson from Goodman.

Tempah performs Lover Not a Fighter with Labrinth, live in the studio.

And finally, Norton pulls the lever on more foolhardy members of the audience brave enough to sit in the Red Chair.

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