The Volvo S60 Naughty Convoy, by Volvo Car South Africa, finished the naughtiest road trip in history at the end of November. The 20-day tour of South Africa saw the 10 all-new Volvo S60s, two luxury busses and 30 crew members reveal their naughty side while performing dares sent in by members of the public as part of the unveiling of the all-new dynamic Volvo S60.
The Naughty Volvo Convoy set off on a daring journey around the country, covering a combined 78,000 kilometres, conducting 35 events and engaging with all 22 Volvo dealerships to launch the all-new sporty Volvo S60 in style.

The crew was joined by thousands of public participants in a campaign that generated awareness of the all-new dynamic Volvo S60 by encouraging participation and interaction through some unique public relations strategies. After the crew had performed selected dares the action was recorded by the on-site camera crew and it was uploaded onto the Naughty Volvo Convoy application hosted within Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr by the digital team.
The public could involve themselves and effectively guide the campaign by submitting naughty dares for the crew to carry out via web, mobile and social media platforms with all test drives of the Volvo S60 receiving ten extra entries. The best naughty dare of each day was chosen and the winners each received a DStv HD PVR decoder. However all eyes were fixed firmly on the overall prize of an all-new elegant Volvo S60 for which all 25 000 entries received during the campaign would be put into a draw.

A major component of the campaign was public involvement through social media. This enabled people to engage directly with the naughty nature of the all-new elegant Volvo S60. During this period there was an impressive 320% increase in likes and 1409 comments on the Facebook wall, with 164 wall posts including videos, pictures and comments by Volvo Car South Africa. On Twitter, Volvo Car SA had a 240% increase in followers during the campaign.
Other useful indicators of the success of the campaign, apart from the positive feedback from members of the public, is the 1742% increase in views on YouTube over the campaign from the 44 videos uploaded and the 72% increase in Volvo Blog page views.

The success of this innovative and dynamic marketing campaign is down to the team of Havas Sports & Entertainment, 4D Euro RSCG and their key partners 360x, Hands on Communication, Olivia Jones Communications, Ultimate Bus Company, Little Kings Productions and Secure my Space who made up the convoy team.

Media coverage results are still being finalised, but exposure in a wide range of titles and stations including Kaya FM, Bay FM, East Coast Radio, Finweek, Sunday Tribune, PE Express and the South Coast Herald showcase the quality of coverage the campaign enjoyed.
A vital aspect of the campaign was the 22 activations at Volvo dealerships nationwide. The dealers were encouraged to use the Naughty Convoy to their advantage at their launch and the results were clear to see in the number of test drives of the car nationwide during the period of the campaign. There were 2105 test drive requests in the three week period which is a 305% increase on Volvo’s previous record for a six month campaign.

By involving the public in such an ambitious and exciting way, the campaign managed to show off the naughty side of the all-new Volvo S60 perfectly.

Volvo Car South Africa’s Marketing Director, Michelle Naudé, said: “This campaign exceeded expectations in every way; we managed to connect with all of the dealerships in the country in a way that really captured the energy of the all-new dynamic Volvo S60 and received an overwhelming response from the public.”

The campaign culminated in one lucky winner of the all-new elegant Volvo S60. The entry submitted by Mrs Zukhov Moikangoa from Goodwood in Cape Town was drawn from the thousands submitted during the campaign. She commented: “Dreams do come true, finally I get my dream luxury car and boy, am I going to be naughty and have fun in South Africa and neighbouring countries!”
Moikangoa has embraced the daring nature of the all new Volvo S60, she added: “We have a road trip coming up, be on the lookout for my crew and I Mzansi. The Volvo S60 - it is classy and oh so naughty!"