The Cannabis For Cancer Patients expedition team, lead by NORML ZA Community Outreach director, Imiël Visser, will be doing the 5km Discovery 702 Walk the Talk backwards to highlight the South African Government's backwards policy of arresting medical patients for using and growing a plant which has been scientifically proven as an effective treatment for people suffering from cancer.

"Walking the 5km route Backwards to NORML is about highlighting the absurdity of criminalising cancer patients that want to be able to legally use or grow medical marijuana to treat their cancer! Let's walk to get things back to NORML," says Visser, "It's time for South Africa to join the rest of the scientifically enlightened world and legalise the medical use of the sacred and widely prescribed medicinal cannabis plant!"

The five-person NORML ZA crew will start the Backward to NORML Walk at 11: on Sunday, 24 July. They will, however, be at the event from 09:00 in NORML ZA gear, handing out flyers and educating the public of the importance of legalising cannabis – an ancient plant that is widely prescribed by modern medical doctors worldwide and is legal for medicinal use in a number of European nations, 16 American states and Canada, among others.

The Discovery 702 Walk The Talk is an annual walk and fun run held every year in Johannesburg, South Africa. (