Andre Stols, regional operations manager for Briggs & Stratton Africa, set out a few months ago to get a team of his dealers together to enter the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge. His aim was to ride for a purpose and raise money for the home. As a result a team of 12 will take to the streets of Johannesburg on Sunday, 20 November to create awareness for the home and raise much needed funds.

Angel's Place is not an institution, but a proper home where children who have been exposed to horrendous circumstances, receive the love, warmth, attention, guidance, and security they need to become whole. The children learn that they matter, that they are special, and that each of them has an important purpose in life. In order that they may learn to fulfil their purpose and potential, they are helped and encouraged to grow and develop spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and socially. The warm and stable home environment of Angel's Place furthermore helps them cope with the inevitable trauma accompanying the pending court cases and placement into good foster homes.

“Briggs & Stratton's tag line, 'The Power Within', promotes the can-do spirit of our employees and customers and this closely matches Angel's Place’s goals of constantly looking at further ways to improve people’s lives” said Stols. “Briggs is sponsoring R5 per kilometre that every rider in Briggs & Stratton colours completes; this will generate much needed income for the home to use for essentials like groceries."

The homes vision is to provide a loving, caring home where children are accepted as they are, to help children feel safe and secure, and teach them about trust. Angel’s Place wants to develop children into adults who are able to make a positive difference in their world. “These are such commendable aspirations and beliefs which are capable of changing children’s lives forever,” states Andre Stols. “This alone is reason enough to support Angel’s Place."

The children are provided with clothing and three balanced meals a day, they are transported to and from school and extramural activities, provided medical and dental care and equipment needed for school as well as assistance with homework and assignments.

Angel's Place is not subsidised by government in any way, and are therefore fully dependent on sponsorships and donations. The running costs per month amount to approximately R25 000 which includes the bond repayment, salaries, food, groceries and toiletries. Assistance in the form of monetary contributions, food, cleaning agents, toiletries, toys and books, people prepared to spend time with the children and suitable homes to accommodate children over weekends and holidays is always required.

For more information, visit or contact 011 672 0562 or