In 2005, the merger between RAU and TWR took place and the University of Johannesburg was formed. UJ decided that HIV and Aids needed to be a priority and, as a result, the Institutional Office for HIV and Aids (IOHA) was established in 2006.

Its purpose is to mainly focus on HIV and Aids programmes for students at UJ.

“Our mission is to continually develop effective strategies to ensure that UJ’s students are better prepared, both professionally and personally, whether to help themselves or a family member or friend, to deal with HIV and Aids,” says UJ’s Teolene Foster, head: IOHA.

Aligned to its HIV and Aids programmes, UJ recently selected PocketMedia® Solutions to produce an Aids awareness Z-CARD® which provides students with facts and stats on HIV and Aids.

“The Z-CARD®’s purpose was also to encourage all students to join the LINK Network which supports HIV-related events on campus and raises awareness about the disease in an attempt to decrease the number of new infections,” adds Foster.

The cards are being distributed from IOHA house.

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