The aim is to pay tribute to a celebrity who has helped spread the message that 'green is important' to the 'heart' of South African people by adopting and promoting green lifestyle choices; someone who has inspired ordinary people to care about the planet.

Irvan Damon of Big Brother fame and now spokesperson for the celebrity category of Green Heart Award, says: “When I was approached by the Green Office Week Exco to become directly involved in the celebrity category I was so excited about this uniquely eco-savvy platform. Famous personalities and visible players in our society are important role models who are able to influence behavioural change. The Green Heart Award will mobilise celebrities across a powerful leveraging platform, showcasing that you can be green without compromising on the quality of your life.”

Award founder Ana-Maria Valente says: “Celebrities have historically been powerful in influencing trends and behaviour because they are able to attract the public’s attention and interest. Their media stature provides them with various communication platforms, including now the social media one, to promote positive environmental messages. When celebrities become ambassadors for a brand and vocalize their support they can generate widespread change.”

You choose the winner:

The voting is open to all and voting polls will be on Facebook (GOWzit).

Vote because it’s important for you to acknowledge your favourite celebrity’s green work; because it’s important for that celebrity to know that you do care; because you want to be part of a community that does something for the planet or just because you admire that celebrity.

When can you vote: Voting closes on Friday, 11 May.

The winner will be announced at a gala luncheon on Friday, 22 June.