This will hugely benefit the community as a clean environment means fewer risks to health and, as a result, a healthier community. Members of the communities have welcomed the campaign as there are a number of areas in much need of cleaning. “We are very pleased about the Jeyes Clean Up Campaign. Our children will have clean toilets and clean areas to play in. We know that this will limit the spread of germs, and we hope that this will lead to fewer children getting sick and dying,” says Regina Mlobeli, chairperson of the Khayelitsha Multi Sectoral Action Team (MSAT).

“We are very excited about the Jeyes Clean Up Campaign as it will be hugely beneficial to the communities. The aim is to provide a clean, sanitised environment for all,” says Bongiwe Njobe, group executive, corporate sustainability in Tiger Brands.

The Media and Training Centre for Health (MTC), a Cape Town-based NGO, will be implementing an educational drive on behalf of Jeyes over the course of the campaign. The aim is to ensure that members of the community understand the numerous benefits of keeping their environment clean and will continue to do so long after the campaign has reached its end. “Through a targeted education campaign, we want to ensure that members of the community continue to keep their environment clean and sanitised. This limits health risks, especially with regard to gastro-related illnesses which are a major cause of death in children under the age of five,” says Gail White, executive director MTC.

The Jeyes Clean Up campaign will run in Khayelitsha from May to August and in Gugulethu from September to November.