Through their sponsorship of a large outdoor hospitality suite area, Standard Bank have in previous years always successfully drawn crowds in the region of 300 people per day. This area allows delegates an opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy the benefits of networking in the shadow of the Westin Grand Hotel directly across from the entrance to CTICC, after a busy day at the Indaba.

To maximise their impact, Standard Bank contracted event architects - Eventworx, to assist them - their strict objective was to provide a unique, inviting, well branded space for Standard Bank to position their brand and offer a memorable addition to the delegate’s day.

Building an outdoor hospitality area that stands in place for multiple days and must be able to combat the elements in Cape Town in January is no easy task, and the Event Architects set about it with the same vigour they take to all events. By bringing in a floating pontoon deck which was installed on the canal in front of the hotel, Eventworx were immediately able to extend the area in which to host guests by a further 130 square metres, providing more delegate space, more branding potential, as well as a unique talking point for Standard Bank’s hosting team.

Cape Town in January is a hot spot in more ways than one, with average daily temperatures in the mid-thirties; shade and the ability to keep cool were at a premium. Eventworx custom manufactured ‘flag’ shade systems that would allow the wind through yet provide much needed shade, added to that the entire suite was fitted with misting systems which worked very hard keeping the many patrons cool throughout the days.

The second challenge of outdoor spaces is the structure - it needs to offer storage facilities and secure space as well as being weather proof, visually impressive and easily branded. The team at Scan Display supplied Eventworx with the perfect solution. Their unique ‘Modulbox’ closable structures allowed for brandable outdoor structures that were inviting to the guests during the day’s activities, acting as bar counters and shade areas and doubled up as overnight storage facilities in the evenings.

Networking pods, cocktail and couch seating areas, as well as bar counters, allowed a variety of seating options depending on the length of stay per delegate. Light snacks, an open bar and a different easy listening DJ daily looked after appetites of all kinds.

"This year’s solution to our Mining Indaba ambitions - aimed at fully exploiting our sponsorship opportunities and connecting our brand with all the delegates - were certainly met. With an unmistakable brand presence and audience number growth in excess of 200% on 2011, thanks to the expanded footprint and Cape Town’s fine weather, we were very pleased with the what was achieved this year.” commented Lynn James, head: CIB Global Conferencing/Events. at Standard Bank. “Clear plans and Standard Bank’s bold decision making allowed us to present growth from 300 people daily in 2011 to over 1 000 people in 2012; a testament to a successful solution and one that was clearly well enjoyed by the delegates and guests alike,” concludes John Paul Waites, executive director of Eventworx.