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Howzit MSN launches a men's lifestyle channel

Published: 15 August 2011

Howzit MSN has announced the launch of a men's lifestyle channel, bolstering its stable of diverse content offerings and ensuring advertisers more relevant environments.

The channel - lifestyle.howzit.msn.com/ - run in partnership with international men's magazine, Shave, aims to provide the modern, urban male with fashion, relationship and economic advice as well as entertainment and fitness news.

According to Howzit MSN editor, Justin Zehmke, the channel has already found favour with readers: "The uptake has exceeded expectation. Readers seem to love the mix of content, and the fact that we have access to international celebrities through the partnership with Shave serves to differentiate us significantly from the competition."

The channel is the first in a tri-pronged lifestyle offering that will eventually also feature women's and parenting sections.

Digitalmark sales manager, Ian Drummond, says: "Diversity of channel offerings ensures that we are able to deliver a targeted and focused approach to online advertising. This ensures that products are able to advertise in contextually relevant environments, increasing awareness and impact.”

Mike Zouhri, creative director of Shave magazine, says: “We are obviously very excited by this new partnership. The creation of this channel will greatly improve our ability to reach our readers and continue to position our brand as a leading, global provider of men's lifestyle content. Readers will continue to receive the world-class product they love on a world-class portal they trust.”

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