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More extraordinary South Africans on Play Your Part

Published: 6 December 2011

In the next episode of Play Your Part on SABC1 on Sunday, 11 December at 12:30, the show brings you the stories of three more ordinary South Africans making positive social change.

More extraordinary South Africans on <i>Play Your Part</i>
Sue Majelik is a firefighter who comes from a long line of rescue workers. As a young girl she would routinely accompany her mother to the Milnerton Fire Station where she worked as a medic for the Civic Protection Volunteers. At 16 years she joined the Disaster Management team as a volunteer. She is now part of the elite Technical Rescue Team for the City of Cape Town specializing in complex fields such as High Angle Rescue and Swift Water Rescue. As part of this team she was dispatched to Japan after the tsunami that devastated that country.

Dr. Elliot Ndlovu is a traditional healer and conservationist. Outside of his spiritual calling as a sangoma Dr, Ndlovu plays an active role in the preservation of natural heritage. Through ventures such as the ‘Greening School Project he is involving in educators and learners in his mission. He is particularly concerned about plants used in traditional medicines which are endangered by over-cultivation for the ‘muti’ industry. He has also created products like soaps, lotions and herbal teas from these plants – this has generated interest from a clientele outside his traditional patrons.

Buhle is a social entrepreneur (winner of Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs Award 2011), a sought-after speaker, author and managing director of Young and Able cc, Joint-Ceo of For Good, Co-founder of Heartlines and Columba1400 SA Leadership Academy. Through Young and Able he assists organisations in evolving the next generation of leaders and employees through talent development. This encompasses workshops, corporate mentorship programs and leadership and strategy facilitation. Buhle is an accomplished speaker who has spoken to numerous business audiences internationally. His natural energy and dynamic presentation style offers an unforgettable edutainment experience.
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