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Destiny Man gives expert advice on dealing with bad credit

Published: 16 January 2012

The January/February issue of Destiny Man reveals the bad credit in South Africa and advises consumers to obtain a credit report and manage their financial affairs.

Returning from the festive season with the knowledge that all your financial affairs are in order is an important step in getting your year off to a good start.

Many South Africans remain unaware of their credit records and the potential damage that a bad credit record could have.

A bad credit rating can have a major impact on the growth of your personal wealth and can lead to huge financial outlay in order to fix it.

In the January-February issue of Destiny Man, experts advise readers how to obtain a copy of their credit report and how to manage their credit record.

The magazine reveals some shocking details about South African indebtedness: for example, there are 18.8-million credit-active consumers in South Africa – and of those, 47% have impaired records. The average accounts-per-consumer is 3.5 and the number of enquiries made to credit bureaux for consumers seeking credit in April to June 2010 was 12.2-million.

According to the National Credit Act, every South African is entitled to one free credit report a year.

Find out how to get your credit report and what to do if it contains a nasty surprise inDestiny Man, on sale now at all good retailers, or download the digital edition at: www.destinyman.com.
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