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Algoa FM to adapt its weekend line-up to meet audience needs

Published: 20 November 2012

Algoa FM DJs have been shifted to new weekend time-slots following analysis of audience likes and wants.

“We make it a priority to invest in extensive research so that we can address the ever-changing needs and preferences of our target audience and clients. In doing so, we also meet the interests of our presenters to continue growing and evolving our brand,” says Algoa FM managing director Dave Tiltmann.

“It has been decided to refresh the DJ line-up following intensive analysis of in-depth research we conducted. This includes focus groups, our recent brand audit and RAMS (Radio Audience Measurement Survey) figures,” adds Algoa FM operations director Alfie Jay.

“The need for the station to refresh and adapt its line-up persisted as a common thread amidst these sources,” he says.

According to Jay, research was piloted across the station’s footprint including respondents from Eastern and Southern Cape. The consequent changes to the line-up are scheduled to take effect on Saturday, 1 December.

The changes to the line-up are as follows:

Wayne Hart will present the Algoa FM Top 30 on Saturday mornings, followed by husband and wife team Mio and Queenie Khondleka presenting Saturday lunch.
Briony Sparg will remain in her Saturday afternoon slot with Gordon Graham broadcasting “live” from the Algoa FM studio in East London between 19:00 and 22:00.

On Sundays, the morning will begin with Charl Leslie serving up breakfast, followed by Lance du Plessis in the mid-morning classics hot seat.

Tove Kane will present Sunday lunch followed by Briony Sparg and Viv Bozack between 19:00 and 22:00. The other change to the line-up sees Charl Leslie and Queenie swopping their weekday time-slots.

“The presenters who’ve been selected to fill these time slots best reflect the lifestyle of our weekend audience. We are confident our listeners will enjoy the changes and that the station will benefit from increased interest and subsequent audience growth,” says Jay.
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