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Crowdinvest launches South Africa’s first peer-to-peer crowdfunding investment platform

Published: 30 April 2012

Crowdinvest has announced the launch of its innovative platform that uses online crowdsourcing as an investment platform for South African consumers. This start-up focuses on the possibilities of profit sharing, business equity, capital assets and property that can turn a small investment into an actuality - simply by investing, learning and building relationships.

Part of this relationship building is with a crowd using a range of social media connections and friends as enhanced support – a third party validation of a business idea.

Crowdinvest works as follows with its two areas of involvement:

- An individual who wants to support the development and birth of a new product or idea can do so by investing in the prototype and with the help of his funds develop the project, thus giving investors first access to funded projects.

- An individual or a business can launch its project on the platform with an aim to attract set investment funds within a given time by using the support of their crowd, or social network. This enables a project to attract funds and Crowdinvest will return the funds to users if the full amount is not raised and the project will shut down.

The Crowdinvest business model has been carefully structured to comply with current South African legislation and the CrowdInvest structure has been developed in cooperation with leading firms Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs and PwC as their specialist service providers.

The business is targeted for young working professionals aged 25+ who are active on various social media communities, entrepreneurs, creators and innovators. These targeted individuals wish to build an investment portfolio, but have limited sources of income (between R500 and R5 000) to invest. Crowdinvest promises to help in its single, easy-to-use web-based platform and with benefits like easy access, low contingent fees, no ‘track record’ necessary, a ‘marketing effect’ and available finance, the brand aims educate the South African marketplace about this simple business model.

The founders behind the model are CEO Anton Breytenbach, CTO Jay Thomson and SBA Jaco van der Bank who have invested years of financial, legal, digital and educational experience into this venture.

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