The Marketing Kraal is doing more than merely creating brand awareness for its clients with wall murals and containers across the country. With its countrywide network of wall murals and containers in major townships, the company is also contributing economically to the empowerment of communities in these areas.

"We have secured long-term contracts with mural and container site owners in major townships in South Africa," says Lebona Moleli, CEO of the Marketing Kraal. "In the past 12 months, we have contributed between 7% and 10% of our media rental revenue from our clients to the site owners. We believe this is a significant contribution to economic empowerment and social upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities in the townships.”

"Maintaining good and sound working relationships with these site owners is a key success factor in our business. In this way our sites are well looked after and more site owners are willing to offer their sites for advertising. These branded sites have become the talking point in the townships and in the process, brand awareness for our clients, is enhanced," concludes Lebona.

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