When Power announced in her final column last month that she was moving on to start her own customer journey and brand management consultancy, Conversation LAB had already lined up the opportunity to collaborate.

She is the sister of Conversation LAB co-founder and managing director, Kevin Power.

The collaboration will see her, an award-winning journalist with almost 30 years media experience including investigative journalism, news management and consumer advocacy work, adding Conversation LAB’s full digital service offering to her clients. This rounds off an offering from Megan Power that includes customer journey audits, building best-in-class customer service, crisis and reputational management, media and corporate communications training, and navigation around the far-reaching Consumer Protection Act.

“I believe my six years of exclusively listening to and resolving consumer complaints across various industries, corporates and brands, has given me unique insights into what consumers want from the customer journey. Digital offers brands an unprecedented opportunity to bring integrity, honesty, and transparency back into business. It’s also a great way for brands to share news-you-can-use content with consumers to make their lives easier. Incredibly, it’s a chance many still miss,” she says.

“When Megan decided to break from the Sunday Times and build her own commercial offering, it was obvious to us that we needed to partner. In fact, it is something we have been discussing for some time. I believe Megan has identified a huge void in the market with no-one credibly offering her kind of expertise – which is wide-ranging and deep. Megan’s consumer work in recent years has earned her the respect of much of SA’s top corporate leadership, now eager to use her insights to improve their customer journeys. I see us jointly unlocking a huge amount of potential for clients.”

Power says a big part of her new initiative with brands involves the kind of conversation they’re having with their customers in-store, on the phone, on email – and on social media.

Kevin Power adds, “Megan and I share the same values and work ethic, the same approach to how business should and can be done in the best interests of the client and the consumer. Collaborating in this way means we benefit from each other’s expertise, create a sounding board for unique challenges and offer a seamless service that keeps the customer solidly at the centre of all our work.”

For more information, visit www.conversationlab.com. Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook or on Twitter.