By Darren Gilbert

You’ve recently launched The World’s Worst Agency Podcast (#TWWAP). Catchy name … where did the idea for your podcast come from?

Danny: Thanks. We tried to stay away from a tw*tty-sounding name, so hopefully we got that right. As for the idea … I think Frank got drunk the one day and declared: “We’re doing a podcast.” The rest is history.

Frank: Originally, back at the agency’s inception, we wanted to do a tongue-in-cheek YouTube weekly wrap-up of industry and pop culture events. But then we realised we’re better tuned to spitballing and talking k*k than doing pure informative round-ups, so what better way to frame our sardonic sensibilities into something we proudly call The World’s Worst Agency Podcast (all ambiguity is intended).

Why take the plunge and go into podcasting?

Danny: Because we don’t have faces for TV … That and, as an agency, we’ve been expanding our content offering a lot, and this is just another step down that road. We’re hands-on. We do what we sell.

Frank: Fame and money. While we wait for both, we love sharing our gonzo outlook with like-minded folks. Just because you love something, doesn’t mean you can’t tear it to shreds. Love hurts, fam.

What can listeners expect from an episode of #TWWAP? And who are you aiming this at, audience-wise?

Danny: How many keywords can I list? We’re pretty much unscripted so there’s no telling where it’ll end up. At this moment, we’ll take anyone willing to listen to us ramble on (shout-out to our 50+ listeners).

Frank: Topics-wise, each episode is its own beast. Danny tends to really rip into industry related material - I tend to gravitate towards more pop-culture themed content. Either way, we’re gonna take the p*ss. Like edutainment’s funnier, wry cousin: p*ssotainment. So if that appeals to you, then you.

Why should someone download your podcast? What makes it different to any other podcasts out there?

Frank: No doubt Danny is going to say something lame and ubër sales-pitchy, so I’m going to go the other route: our USP is right there in the title. As an informative industry podcast, it’s the worst.

We don’t take ourselves seriously. It’s chaotic, it’s irreverent, it can barrel off the rails and face plant into tangent-land. We have absolutely no idea where the conversation is gonna go, and that’s the way I like it. Also, it’s moerse funny.

Well, you have to use your Night Surfer data for something at least! We’re trying to be a fresh, light-hearted voice in the advertising and marketing industry that’s often full of w*nky jargon and convoluted pompousness.

In your opinions, what are the essential elements of a podcast?

Frank: Beer. *twists cap, sips, Toto’s Africa starts playing*

Also, an awesome sound engineer that makes us sound really good. DJ In-app Purchase, aka The Thing That You ‘Can’t Even’, is the backbone to what we do.

Danny: Two things for me. The sound and recording quality needs to be top class. No-one wants to listen to 30 minutes that sounds like someone is recording from a toilet stall at Tiger Tiger. And lastly, don’t be boring.

The podcast may only be three episodes old, but have you learnt any lessons during your time spent on it?

Frank: Same lesson I learned during the first stages of Kilmer & Cruise: to quote Mike Tyson, ‘Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the face.’ You can plan it, design it, lay it out - but when it comes down to doing it, you just have to follow your gut and roll with the punches.

It’s why Kilmer & Cruise is more organic than the produce section at a Farmer’s Market.

Danny: So many learnings already - from technical to content, production and more. Oh, and that Frank doesn’t like the sound of his recorded voice.

Do you have any goals or dreams for #TWWAP? Or is it a fun creative outlet for Kilmer & Cruise?
Danny: As you can see from the name, we’ve got lofty ideals for #TWWAP. Maybe the first agency podcast to broadcast from space ...

Frank: Have I said fame and money yet? Barring that, to show that it’s not all serious and it’s quite a fun little industry if you’re willing to shift your perception.

*has conference call with client, punches hole through desk, cries*

You can listen to The World’s Worst Agency Podcast here.

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