Glass is a part of our everyday lives so we tend to take it for granted. So Consol had to find a way to create an emotional connection with the consumer and convince them that glass is special. Consol decided not to limit glass to its ordinary uses but instead opted to take viewers on a journey of magic, intrigue and imagination and capture the pure essence of glass in a way that would grab attention and draw in viewers.

The new Consol advert tells the story of the versatility that only comes in glass. The commercial starts with a young girl in a park. She purposefully empties her Consol preserve jar of its treats, taking her now empty jar with her through the park. She holds it in a way that indicates she is filling it with the sounds of the park. From the flicker of a playing card on bicycle spokes, to the laughter of children on swings and merry go rounds. She carefully captures each moment in time.

By capturing all the sounds and experiences of her day in the park, filling her jar with memories, she is able to share the highlights of her outing with her blind grandmother who awaits her granddaughters’ return. Consol’s glass jar doesn’t just preserve food in this story – it preserves memories, precious moments, and good feelings.

Consol’s message is, “The best things come in glass” because only glass can store precious things while protecting and preserving them. Whatever is stored in glass will never be contaminated because glass contains no chemicals.

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