It also scooped a Silver in the Research category and a Bronze for Web Apps for WOLF, an analytics platform it developed in-house in 2016 to improve the impact of the SEO and content marketing programmes it runs for its B2B and B2C clients.

The platform was behind campaigns that delivered 100%+ increases in organic search traffic and hundreds of millions in attributable revenue.

WOLF uses a range of APIs to gather insights on the topics people are interested in and the subjects brands are talking about. It assimilates data on thousands of thematically grouped keywords, analysing how frequently they are mentioned in social and news media, whether interest peaks or wanes during the year, what webpages rank on the selected terms and what the relative strengths are of the ranking pages.

The outcome is a highly sophisticated set of data, presented in a visualisation dashboard, that enables Rogerwilco’s team to create compelling content that engages customers at the exact moment when they want it, and converts their interest into measurable actions.

Rogerwilco’s CEO Charlie Stewart says, “As an agency we’ve taken great pride in the high quality of content we produce for our search and social media campaigns and the results that it delivers for our clients. WOLF ups the ante in what we can achieve and we’re now able to provide a higher level of insight previously unprecedented without WOLF. We’re truly thrilled the Bookmark judges have again recognised our SEO skills and this innovation.”

Rogerwilco represents MWEB, Sanlam, WesBank, Disney, The World Economic Forum and Triumph to name a few.

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