This commercialisation of mobile advertising opportunities has become Africa's first multi-country mobile advertising platform. Intarget has now embedded its systems in six mobile network operators (MNOs), with another five on the cards over the next 12 months.

Mobile advertising is the attachment of advertisements on to cellular network notifications, which are non-intrusive and originated by the customer. These notifications include, among others, end-of-call notifications, balance check notification, recharge notification and ‘Please Call Me’ notifications.

InTarget is listed among the Top 25 African & Middle Eastern Mobile Ad Networks by Thalamus, an ad vendor database. Led by group CEO, Lazarus Muchenje, a continent-wide mobile pioneer, financier and businessman, InTarget is a trusted provider of mobile marketing and advertising solutions – with an African and Middle East footprint.

"To embed mobile advertising systems in one MNO is challenging. To do so with six MNOs, with plans to add another five by the end of 2017, is almost superhuman, but we'll do it," says Muchenje. "We work hard to deliver mobile marketing solutions that tap into the potential of almost a billion African cellular users."

We Are Social, a research firm, reported in January that the number of African mobile subscribers currently stands at 995 million out of a total continental population of 1.231 billion.

According to Grace Mlimo, InTarget's chief commercial officer, the company is particularly sought-after as a partner for brands and agencies interested in leveraging mobile media in a way that complements traditional advertising, as well as supporting experiential advertising.

"InTarget's mobile marketing products and services are especially valuable to brands, as they can help businesses learn more about their clients by using technology that resonates with people, while increasing return on investment for advertisers" she says.

InTarget offers advertising agencies and brands flexibility thanks to its in-house WASP (wireless application service provider) business.

It commercialises and provides mobile advertising, aggregation, SMS, mobile billing, and bulk SMS services across the African continent.

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