Since 2000, Van der Merwe has worked nationwide in the studios of reputable agencies, including FCB, Joe Public, and The Jupiter Drawing Room. She also joined a boutique, digital agency in London for two years.

She’s worked across a range of blue chip clients, multiple channels, and briefs, comprising of John Lewis (UK), Morrisons (UK), Diageo (Pan Africa), Edcon (South Africa), Distell (South Africa), MRP Apparel (International) and Kelloggs (South Africa).

Mathew Weiss, Brand Union Africa’s managing director, says, “She’s strategic, and promises to be an invaluable and inspirational team member. Moreover, she has a history of developing creative solutions that not only move product, but also build brands.”

Van der Merwe has been awarded locally and internationally. “I believe my best work is still to come,” she concludes.

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