Creative content

Sujan Patel, author of the Content Marketing Institute’s article, Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Manual Content Creations, says, “It’s pretty tough to envision a machine generating great content ideas, not to mention creating content worth consuming – or so you might think. The reality is that machines are already writing content, and they’re pretty good at it.”

He points to a Gartner prediction that says by 2018, one in five pieces of business content will be authored by machines.

The prediction says, “Technologies with the ability to proactively assemble and deliver information through automated composition engines are fostering a movement from human, to machine-generated business content.”

Computer-generated content

If you’ve ever glanced at a Forbes earning report, you know that they’re created using natural language generation platform Quill. Here’s an example of what the content looks like:

‘The consensus estimate remains unchanged over the past month, but it has decreased from three months ago when it was 39 cents. For the fiscal year, analysts are expecting earnings of $1.68 per share. Revenue is projected to be 2% above the year-earlier total of $369.4-million at $378.4-million for the quarter. For the year, revenue is projected to roll in at $1.56-billion.’

That sense of humanity

If you were to understand terms like ‘consensus estimate’ and ‘fiscal year’, this would likely make perfect sense. However, something is missing – that sense of humanity.

AI has created other content aside from earnings reports, including blurbs about sports, and even a cookbook. They all read the same, but lack soul.

For any content writer who is worried about the threat of AI, remember to inject your humanity into your writing. That’s what will set you apart, and that’s what will keep you employed.

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