For the duration of the programme, Phefo and Bolshakova will exchange experiences in terms of the GLBA's international exchange programme. Bolshakova and Pheefo have exchanged continents and will soon expand their designer experience.

Phefo is a strategic graphic designer, who’s skill set derives from the diverse projects he has been involved in. These vary from advertising, digital, front end website and application design, brand identity development, as well as packaging design.

Bolshakova graduated from the St. Petersburg Art and Industry Academy, specialising in graphic design. Her work has been celebrated at international festivals and, in 2014, the Red Dot prize was added to the awards for one of its own projects.

"Stratcom’s humble beginnings started from a desk in the kitchen 21 years ago. To embrace six continents and seven leading regional specialist offices under the alliance is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs in Africa," says Gail Macleod, Stratcom founder and CEO.

"Our creatives take on broad capabilities by flexing creative muscles in different regions under changing creative directorship, ensuring that Stratcom continually surprises and delights our customers through brand and packaging design solutions," concludes Macleod.

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