"I doubt people will ever fully clock how important this job was to me," says Rasethaba. "The campaign came at the perfect time for me when I felt stunted – like I wasn’t really growing as a director. My self-confidence was at an all-time low and the promise of ‘the new kid on the block’ had worn off, so I was beyond excited when Gustav [Greffrath] and Ningi [Mhinga] called me up for this."

Working with DOP Adam Bentel, stylist Jamal Nxedlana, editor William Kalmer, and his crew, Rasethaba says he felt like he had a breakthrough. "I have been preaching this sweet spot between grit and beauty for years, but I have never got it right until this job. These pieces are as cinematic as they are raw," he adds.

"I wish someone had told me earlier that I don't have to have all the answers," he says. "A small reminder to myself and others out there trying to find their space and role in this world – rely on your team; like literally tether yourself to your people, and let go of the pathological need to always know. Much love to my team for knowing when I don't."

The campaign is Arcade Content's second with Futura Johannesburg and Nike. "The team at Futura understand Nike’s brand position so intimately that their approach has become instinctive," says Arcade Content producer Will Nicholson. "They come at campaigns with conviction and work in a very open and collaborative style, inviting you to their side of the table."

You can watch more of Rasethaba's ads here.

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