Everson authored a post outlining Facebook's work across several areas, which also points to new brand safety tools, new partnerships, and Facebook's monetisation eligibility standards and guidelines. Nick Grudin, VP of media partnerships, also posted separately on the standards and guidelines.

Facebook is taking action to provide more clarity and controls for advertisers with new updates.

Third party verification 

This involves seeking accreditation from the Media Ratings Council and setting a timeline of 18 months to audit, review, and accredit Facebook measurement across three key areas:
  • First-party served ad impression reporting;
  • Third-party viewability partner integrations; and
  • Upon launch, our new two-second video buying option.
To date, Facebook has 24 partners in the measurement system, such as Oracle Data Cloud, Nielsen, Kantar Millward Brown, as well as three partners measuring viewability – Moat, Integral Ad Science, and comScore.

Facebook is in the process of adding two new viewability partners – DoubleVerify and Meetrics. Facebook is also taking part in active discussions with JICWEBS on DTSG (United Kingdom) and working with the AGF (Germany) to find a new solution to report reach across media.

New partnerships

Facebook is partnering closely with third parties, such as DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science, to ensure the brand safety tools and controls created to serve advertisers’ needs. It is also in the process of joining the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) 'Certified Against Fraud' programme.

Brand safety and new advertising controls 

In addition to the set of new advertiser control initiatives, by the end of this year, Facebook will begin to offer:
  • Pre-campaign lists (beginning roll out to advertisers); and
  • Post-campaign lists (beginning roll out in the coming months).

Monetisation eligibility standards and content guidelines 

Facebook is introducing monetisation standards for publishers and creators, which will help improve advertising quality in Ad Breaks, Instant Articles, Branded Content, and Audience Network and keep financially-motivated bad actors from profiting off Facebook's platform and tools.