"Our business has massively evolved since our inception four years ago. Along with our rapid growth over the last few years, it’s very important to be relevant to all our customers," says Vincent Hoogduijn, Media24 e-commerce CEO.

Hoogduijn adds, "With our attention firmly on the service and value we add to customer-focussed lives, we pride ourselves on our innovation in tech with solutions such as the 'Image Search' and 'Similar Style' features found in our app as the first of its kind in retail in Africa."

"Our design and logo update reflects our progress and the modernity of our industry with an elegant and simple design – all the aspects we bring to our users' experience on web and mobile," Hoogduijn says.

Spree’s new logo aims to represent its continued focus on its customer. With the launch of The Index, an online sneaker and streetwear destination for men and women, as well as Spree’s mobile app-first approach, the logo update aims to represent its successful and ongoing transition to a company beyond its original female-focussed heritage.

For more information, visit www.spree.co.za. Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.