The six categories are; Large Agency, Medium Agency, Small Agency, Public Relations Agency, Digital Agency, Specialised Agency, Network Media Agency, and Independent Media Agency. All other categories will only be announced at the event, which takes place on Wednesday, 22 November.

Finalists in the Large Agency category include:
  • TBWA; 
  • Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg; 
  • FCB Johannesburg;
  • Joe Public; and 
  • Native VML.
Finalists in the Medium Agency category include:
  • Promise;
  • King James Cape Town;
  • OFYT Marketing and Communication; and 
  • Avatar.
Finalists in the Small Agency category include:
  • The Odd Number; and 
  • FoxP2 Johannesburg. 
Finalists in the Public Relations Agency category include:
  • Clockwork Media; and 
  • Edelman.
Finalists in the Digital Agency category include:
  • Hello Computer; 
  • Connect Joe Public; and 
  • Ogilvy. 
Finalists in the Specialised Agency category include:
  • Levergy;
  • Shift Joe Public; 
  • Grid Worldwide;
  • TLC Marketing; and
  • Demographica. 
The 2017 FM AdFocus Awards had media agencies competing in two categories; Network Media Agency and Independent Media Agency.

Finalists in the Network Media Agency category include:
  • Carat; 
  • The Media Shop;
  • OMD; and 
  • PHD Media. 
Finalists in the Independent Media Agency category include:
  • Connect (M&C Saatchi Abel);
  • Mediology;
  • TMI Media; and 
  • Alphabet Soup. 
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