Social media, Internet, and other digital marketing techniques are silently outstripping traditional marketing tactics. The statistics are proving that more and more customers are turning to the Internet to help them research and select service providers.

As a business owner or professional, (yes, a professional person in a specific industry needs to have a personal brand) you may be looking at a digital marketing agency to promote your online presence. Here are five qualities you can expect from a great digital marketing agency.

1. Marketing strategy expertise

Apart from handling your social media profiles, blogs, and/or website, a great digital marketing agency will do a brand audit and detailed research in order to create the content and messages that will attract your target audience and get the engagement you need. They will align their content and marketing strategy with your business objectives and constantly monitor and optimise your content in order to bring in actual revenue.

2. Transparent pricing

When comparing pricing from various agencies, be sure to take a good look at their pricing structures. Business owners are often misled by low fees (for example, R500 per blog post) only to find out that is just one of many fees.

There may be additional costs for graphic design work when you require images or infographics, as well as project management or onboarding and 'admin' fees. A great digital marketing agency will give you a structured proposal, which will include transparency on all fees charged, the amounts of posts you can expect, as well as detailed monthly deliverables.

3. Good communication skills and flexibility briefing

Research, execution, and assessment are all critical for a successful marketing strategy implementation. A great digital marketing agency will bring excellent communication skills to the table.

Not only to get the information needed from you in order to determine your target market, but also to keep you in the loop and provide regular feedback. Irrespective of your agreement or retainer, your agency should also be able to make sudden changes (write extra blog posts, create more artwork, and have additional consultation sessions) if, and when, necessary to provide the necessary support when you request more from your strategy.

4. An ROI attitude

One of the most misused abbreviations, ROI, or return on investment, is the proven results, sales, or customers that you get as a direct reaction to your market activities. Today, your content and copy need to be of the best quality. Keywords on websites and social profiles should correspond and be updated regularly to align with your marketing strategy.

A great digital marketing agency will be able to advise you on how to get the best ROI from your investment on every platform. In fact, they should be able to put you on the correct platform for your individual needs and implement the tactics that guarantee revenue.

5. A firm grasp on digital trends

A great digital marketing agency will never allow their staff to fall behind on digital trends – and we’re not just talking about the rise of video or vlogging. They should be able to tell you how Google’s latest algorithm will affect your business, and how to optimise your various digital platforms and keywords accordingly.

If you’re hiring an agency, you expect a team of professionals in their field. As the digital landscape is always evolving, your agency should always be at the forefront of new developments in this space. To put it simply, how can they assist you in becoming a leader in your field if they can’t keep up with trends in theirs?

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