AdJoin facilitates full programmatic services for ShowMe and other publishers within its marketplace. These services include audience targeting, direct site buys, yield management, and operations and data analysis to maximise its ad revenue in a streamlined process.

ShowMe is a network of hyperlocal websites in South Africa all about cities, towns, and communities with a growing audience of over 600 000 monthly visitors. Each website is a sub-site of the main domain,, and is owner-managed locally. ShowMe publishes news, events, and entertainment as well as comprehensive information on towns and cities in South Africa for tourists and locals, all in one place.

"After intensive research and trials with other ad exchanges, we have decided to work closely with AdJoin as our partner to achieve much-improved ad revenue," says Graham Theobald, CEO of ShowMe.

"We are a premium publisher, and the path forward definitely lies in partnering with a private publishing marketplace like AdJoin. It has been a pleasure working with the AdJoin team and we are confident that we’re on the right track," adds Theobald.

Amanda Louw Bester, head of publisher relations at Adjoin, says, "We are excited to have one of South Africa’s most premium travel publishers partnered with AdJoin. Understanding that the South African digital industry is increasingly progressing towards a more programmatic media buying and selling solution, the pressure is on for local publishers to make their inventory available in a programmatic environment to keep revenues up."

With ShowMe joining the AdJoin Marketplace, this see’s its unique browsers move to just over 6 million with access to almost 50 million monthly impressions data-driven driven audience segments available to purchase.

Agencies looking to purchase the media programmatically can contact [email protected] who will facilitate the process.

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