With its selection of Sunday news platforms – Rapport, Sunday Sun, City Press, Son op Sondag, and Netwerk24 – Ads24 caters for a range of readers with an effective reach opportunity of (reach at 1+) 5.4 million.

The Ads24 Sunday stable is read by one in two Sunday readers, and its news platforms offer a quality read to cater for interests across demographic and economic spectrums.

A comprehensive read

From special sections to columns to crossword puzzles, Sunday papers offer a carefully curated and comprehensive read that builds reader loyalty. Whether they choose to consume their news on a tablet or laptop or prefer to have a print copy delivered to their doorstep, Sunday readers are guaranteed an attractive platter of detailed information accompanied by relevant visuals and stats.

Shane Jacobs, Ads24 business manager, says, "The Sunday papers have a longer lead time to work on their weekly issue before it is on street or shelf by Sunday morning. This benefits the reader because it allows journalists to further interrogate and deep-dive into a topical news story, which may have occurred earlier on in the news week. Sunday newspapers are a platform where professionals are asked their opinions on matters that impact the nation, which often allows for debate and input from the readers."

Ads24’s Sunday reader community

The effective reach opportunity of the Ads24 Sunday community (reach at 1+) is 5.4 million and duplicated reach (reach at 3+) is 2.6 million. Sunday Sun and Son op Sondag readers fall into the upper middle class and make up 30% of the total Sunday readership. Netwerk24, City Press, and Rapport readers are in the higher LSM bracket.

"Sunday newspapers have achieved the ‘pass over’ readership within a household, effectively reaching their target market. Again, the paid for manner in which Sunday press makes its news available to the consumer makes it an ‘appointment read’ in the sense that, paying more than R15 per copy is an investment for most consumers, and this is what makes the Sunday paper effective as our readers remain loyal," concludes Jacobs.

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