According to OMC, with over 200 sites across South Africa, Brand IQ’s participation will underscore the importance of increased collaboration in positioning OOH as a media type that offers robust measurement.

OMC aims to produce transparent and representative OOH research for marketers and agencies and for brands to sell meaningful opportunities to clients.

Derek Hardy, founder and CEO of Brand IQ says, "It is exciting to see such eloquent and in-depth data become available for us to use. From our perspective, OOH is evolving more into digital today, and we’re happy to join an association that shares our long-term vision to embody OOH media as the most valuable media type across South Africa."

Since its inception in March 2013, OMC continues to drive media measurement for the South African media industry through the delivery of OOH media metrics; including but not limited to reach, frequency, impacts and CPM, enabling demographic targeting and strategic media planning.

Trish Guilford, GM for OMC, adds, "We are excited to grow the OOH billboard representation in the ROAD research as more clients and media agencies are demanding reliable ratings to support strategic decisions and improve ROI."

"We, at OMC, trust that Brand IQ’s joining will motivate other media owners to participate in the research efforts to equip the industry with robust data for agencies and marketers to leverage," concludes Guilford.

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