Sibisi comes with an agency background and has experience in brand consulting, corporate communications and entrepreneurial ventures.

These skills were honed during his time at Intergroup Brand Consulting, PR Worx and Blue Moon Corporate Communications, where he also gained an understanding of various industries, brands, products and insights into consumer purchasing psychology.

Sibisi brings his strategic brand consulting experience and advertising skills to Mall Ads™. According to Mall Ads™, these are two areas of expertise that are critical for understanding how best to position the brand and messaging to ensure that a campaign moves shoppers from prospect to purchase.

Part of Sibisi’s role is to aim to ensure that the teams on the ground meet targets. He is also responsible for building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders.

"Creating maximum impact for clients is what it’s about. I believe OOH is the future, as people are really spending less time on traditional media that is easy to ignore. OOH is in your face and can often not be ignored," says Sibisi.

"OOH in the mall environment offers really good opportunities to engage with target audiences in captive spaces. I look forward to the challenges and developments in this exciting environment," Sibisi adds.

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