Sarah Utermark, MMA South Africa country director, says, "40% of an entry is judged on its results; for instance, business impact. Creative, strategy and execution then each account for 20%." 

Entrants must have been active in the marketplace between June 2017 and June 2018.

How to win a Smartie

"An entry should read like a story, so make it interesting and compelling. Present its case in a clear, concise and simple manner and ensure substance and business impact is at its core," says Utermark.

She says entrants should use charts and graphs to show how results tied to objectives and how this impacted the business in a tangible way.

"If using video, make sure that it complements the written entry form and is not a duplicate. Judges also like to see examples of the work, so include as many as possible – provided they are relevant to the campaign," she adds.

Study winning case studies

In 2017, Durex and Havas Boondoggle’s 'The Big O' won a Gold Smartie in the Mobile Social category. According to MMA South Africa, this is because it demonstrated exceptional engagement, reach and social impact through its mobile channels as well as a 37% increase in sales.

MMA global also launched its Business Impact Index (BII), aiming to set an index benchmark to sit alongside the creativity, innovation and execution of the marketing campaigns submitted to the MMA Smarties.

All 2018 Smarties winners will automatically be entered into 2019’s BII.

"The Smarties is an opportunity for local best in class mobile marketers to showcase excellence and business impact success. We look forward to judging 2018’s submissions," concludes Utermark.

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