One of the masterclasses is the Goliath and Goliath masterclass, which aims to focus on how to be authentic and provide guidance and tips on how to craft a personal brand using social platforms.

The masterclass will include discussions on how 'there’s never been a better time to put yourself out there', all the free platforms that are available and a couple of hacks that aim to focus on what content to put out and how to remain consistent.

Target audience masterclass

According to Loeries, this masterclass is perfect for anyone wanting to tell their story and build an online presence using social platforms.

Other masterclasses on offer are:
  • Accenture – Accenture will aim to put experience at the centre of organisations
  • Gagasi FM – Gagasi FM will discuss uDarkie, the evergreen economic driver
  • Two Google masterclasses: 'The unskippable future of advertising' and 'Data-driven creative'
  • Raizcorp's masterclass: 'Are creative entrepreneurs born or made?
  • Shared Value Africa initiative masterclasss: Profit and purpose – uneasy bedfellows
  • Women in Marketing masterclass: Female representation and the media – who controls the narrative?
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