Leon van Rooyen, creative director at W&Co, says, "We wanted to create a piece that speaks to the everyday person. Someone Namibians can relate to who made a bad decision and drove home after one too many drinks and is now suffering the consequences – life in prison."

"Instead of us focusing on the cells and high walls, we focused on the mental prison an everyday Namibian would face inside, the real emotion that no one considers. Welcome to your new life encapsulates this," adds van Rooyen.

"To help us achieve this, the location, agency and filmmaker embarked on a truly collaborative process in every sense of the word. From signing off edits at The Ministry of Correctional Services through to intertwining roles in the script, everyone took responsibility to bring this story to life," he says.

Van Rooyen adds, "In fact, our director, Rio Allen from Bioscope Films, was working with prison guards as extras as well as on-set security to ensure the result would have a lasting impression on the final viewer."

Wessie van der Westhuizen, managing director of NBL, says, "The advert is testimony to what can be achieved when the agency ‘gets it’; when they know the brand and what it stands for. Welcome to your new life has a powerful and real message that was delivered in a manner that blows you away."

W&Co says knowing that beer is generally associated with great social occasions, fun and laughter, it was considered a brave move for NBL to confront the unpopular reality of the other side: When people don’t enjoy alcoholic products responsibly there are consequences.

"While it may make some people uncomfortable, it is our hope that the reality of how it can go wrong will at least dawn on some who will choose to ensure the beer occasion remains a fun one," says van der Westhuizen.

"If we save one life or prevent one more person from going to prison for driving under the influence, we consider that a success," adds van der Westhuizen.

The new ad flights on Namibian TV on NBC, GO TV and OATV. 

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