Apple’s marketing strategy is all about minimalism and simplicity. A typical Apple ad doesn’t contain any information on where or how to buy the product in question.

Instead, Apple’s campaigns allow the products to speak for themselves. So leave out the distracting noise and flashy images, and focus on simple graphics that will express your message crystal clearly.

You should also consider making the most of product placement campaigns on social media. Getting an influencer to show off your product on their Instagram or Snapchat means instant leads and more business.

Another thing that Apple does so well – and you should too – is getting reviews from the customers. You can offer a free trial or a sample in exchange for a testimonial that will appear on social media or review websites.

Just make sure that each testimony has the person's name and image or avatar. For business-to-business relationships, don’t forget to include a link back to their website for more credibility.

But that's not all. Below you'll find 10 valuable marketing lessons from Apple:

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