The aim of the campaign was to serve commuters and travellers, while staying on top of mind on the day of the race. The on-the-ground advertising aimed to allow the cabs to talk to a captive audience through hand-picked cab drivers.

Cabs were located at the airport in order to interact with visitors and guests while aiming to provide a service to the attendees. The messaging through the branded cabs aimed to drive mass awareness to the target market.

Warren Weiner, managing director of New Wave Outdoor Media, says, "When big brands like Betting World choose to invest in OOH advertising, it shows their belief in the effects of the medium. OOH provides brands with the opportunity to deliver simple messaging in a large and impactful manner."

Betting World says cabs are a fantastic alternative to regular advertising strategies, particularly in the coastal region, as they transport approximately 40 people a day and cover up to 50 000km per month.

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