The platform allows media owners and advertisers to connect, buy and sell media space, which is facilitated through a variety of online and offline payment methods.

Additionally, it showcases a variety of advertising opportunities supplied by various media owners, which cover traditional and digital media categories, aiming to offer multimedia opportunities for advertisers.

Mediamall also has an online to offline query system. "This means that if an advertiser is unable to find the exact advertising they need for their business, we will source and negotiate the required advertising inventory whilst facilitating the transaction," says Kantor. 

"Through our online and offline models, we assist the media owner in their current sales efforts to take them to new markets. An online platform can have a far greater reach than people on the ground," he adds.

Sellers have access to their own, unique seller dashboard, which enables them to see the status of all adverts and inventory they have placed on the site – all in live time.

" empowers the SME and client direct sector by providing them with the opportunity to make informed multimedia purchasing decisions through access to transparent information, which is included on all adverts loaded by the media owner," Payne says.

"The advertiser does not pay any retainers or commissions. simply takes a transaction fee from the media owner; hence, it is a performance-based actuals model," he concludes. " has made non-live advertising live. It is a hassle-free way for media owners and advertisers to connect and transact."

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