Created in partnership with King James II Johannesburg, the TVC opens with three sets of feet standing on a pavement. On the right are the feet of Mel; in the middle, the feet of Lebo; and on the left, a pair of pink wellington boots that belong to Lebo’s daughter, Ora.

The TVC shows that all three of them have just been in a car accident. Lebo is shown dealing with the accident while using the app and taking Mel through the step-by-step process of what to do.

The TVC concludes with the two women, and Ora, on their way to the daughter’s play, following the arrival of a tow-truck for the car, and taxi service for them, with the claims team already notified.

"The TVC illustrates that, while it is natural to feel unsafe after a car accident, with the right insurance provider, you are able to safely and conveniently manage the process from your phone, helping women to stay safe and providing them with utmost convenience," says Casey Rousseau, marketing manager of 1st for Women Insurance.

Rousseau adds, "Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience, and even a slight bumper bashing can leave a person badly shaken. Not only is 1st for Women’s insurance specifically designed for women, but it also supports the unique needs of women and provides peace of mind and convenience through its Guardian Angel on Call benefits."

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