According to new data revealed in the study, CMOs and the Spark to Drive Growth, some marketers have adopted a 'short-term gains' focus fueled by traditional marketing activities such as demand generation and campaign-driven marketing.

The data shows that others have embraced a more creative and engaging strategy fueled by storytelling and branding and positive progress in the journey beyond a short-term gains focus.

The research identified marketers with a long-term growth mindset, who are taking marketing’s traditional role of chief brander and storyteller even farther to help drive profitability.

Eighteen percent of the study’s respondents indicated they were 'extremely poised to succeed' as the growth leader that their organisations expect them to be.

It also revealed that these leaders prioritise, focus and collaborate differently. What follows The CMO’s Growth-Driving Playbook is a compilation of insights drawn from this group.

According to the CMO Council, their 'plays' – common goals, mandates and approaches – provide a glimpse of how today’s marketing vanguard is helping advance the growth agenda and reshape the role of the modern CMO.

You can download the report here.

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