"Our partnership with Tribeca aims to reinforce that our offering is suited for a variety of economic sectors and that the tools we provide offer a platform to customise feedback according to client’s needs," says Frans Stander, general manager of business development at Consulta.

"Companies are battling with an evolving regulatory and consumer landscape, and we need a trusted communication partner to emphasise how Consulta can help them along their unique journeys to better success," Stander adds. 

Tribeca and Consulta first started working together in 2016. Tribeca’s mandate has been expanded to include communication activity across various platforms targeting internal and external audiences.

"Consulta’s company culture and approach to business resonate well with Tribeca," says Nicola Tarr, business unit director at Tribeca.

"We’re excited to support Consulta’s business growth as it tackles modern regulatory and economic challenges through its smart business solutions," Tarr adds.

For more information, visit www.tribecapr.co.za. You can also follow Tribeca on Facebook or on Twitter.