"The marketing industry, as a whole, has a problem: it’s a ‘BS’ problem," says head of agency Brandon Faber. "Companies are tired of agencies making [often unrealistic] promises and the inevitable mismatched counter-performance."

"With NJIN, we are looking to create an agency that simply does what it says – at a fair rate, and in an open, honest and transparent fashion," Faber adds.

According to the NJIN Agency, its management team spent a year analysing shortcomings in traditional agency models, drawing from individual experience, seasoned consultants and open discussions with partners (and key clients) to craft a simple, yet challenging, brand promise.

"We are well aware that, in time, our thinking may prove naïve or overly optimistic, but we believe this is the right path for our clients, our shareholders and our teams," says Faber.

"We’ve recruited smartly to answer market requirements for creative, data, technology and strategy to reside in one ecosystem. The trick is to ensure these enhanced capabilities deliver value to all our stakeholders," he adds.

"We are dealing with people’s careers here – way beyond just ‘running campaigns’," says NJIN Agency MD Dennis Armstrong. "Our focus is on the creation of amazing user experiences that yield solid campaign or project results. We are working hard to deliver an efficient and agile service to our clients and, certainly, with NJIN, we believe we’ve made great progress in creating an environment that makes that delivery possible."

"Our approach is sensible and pragmatic," says Faber. "We are not here to ‘sell’ a stack of products but to recommend the best [fit for purpose] digital, marketing and technology solutions. So far, it seems that approach is being well received."

For more information, visit www.nijn.co.za. You can also follow NIJN on Facebook or on Instagram.