Whitelists can be applied at a campaign, advertising and/or agency level within the platform to give clients full control over implementation. 

In a world where technology is changing faster than brand marketers can keep up, there is a perpetual need for there to be trust in the data marketing technology brands are providing to consumers.

Mobiclicks is committed to protecting brands against the major issues facing the mobile display market: brand safety, ad fraud, viewability and data fraud.

The processes implemented minimises the risk to advertisers and ensures that their ads are served in a safe environment. We offer pre-bid verification to our clients,  review all the data we receive from publishing partners in two-week chunks and create visualisations of that data so we can carefully look for patterns that seem suspicious, or otherwise 'non-human'.

Our location data is scored based on those reviews as either a pass or a fail. Any publisher with data that has received a 'fail' is blocked from providing data for the next day.

Through this rigorous ongoing process, we can ensure that our data is trustworthy every single day and that our clients’ budgets are never wasted on inaccurate data.

Our partnerships with Moat and IAS are used to optimise viewability to achieve advertiser specific goals. We believe the generally accepted viewability benchmark of 70% is achievable and work to exceed this on all campaigns.

Additionally, the IAB Technology Laboratory launched the Open Measurement Software Development Kit, which supports independent third-party measurement from multiple sources with a single SDK integration.

The open measurement SDK also standardises the measurement of viewability and is able to offer more transparency to buyers through consistent and accurate measurement.

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